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RxLogic: A Modern PBM Services Organization

Claims Adjudication and Prescription Benefit Solutions

Cloud and Web Based Architecture

Over 30 Products and Services

20+ Million Claims Processed Annually

Operationally Centric UX/UI

Who We Are

Welcome to RxLogic, your partner in innovative pharmacy technology and services. We cater to an extensive range of healthcare sectors – PBMs, retail chains, health systems, health plans, and self-insured employers – offering solutions designed to revolutionize the way you operate.

Our cutting-edge technology levels the playing field, bringing the power and scale typically exclusive to the largest PBMs within everyone's reach. But we don't just provide access; we champion efficiency and user-friendliness, delivering cloud-based tools that are as easy to use as they are impactful.


With RxLogic, you gain a partner dedicated to improving patient outcomes and streamlining your services. Our customizable pharmacy benefit services are more than tools; they're a pathway to better healthcare. Experience the RxLogic difference today and join us in making healthcare more accessible, more efficient, and more beneficial for everyone.

Why Choose RxLogic

Modern Claims Adjudication

Our platform is your gateway to unprecedented access and control, making the complexity of plan designs and client management effortlessly navigable. With RxLogic, complexity becomes simplicity, and challenges transform into opportunities. Embrace the ease and power of our comprehensive claims adjudication platform and discover how we're modernizing claims management.

Cloud and Web Based Architecture

Our software is more than a tool - it's your on-demand portal to efficient claims management, accessible anytime, anywhere. The power of the cloud allows us to offer you a safe, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution that grows with you, adapting to your needs while ensuring top-notch performance and security. Experience the boundless advantages of RxLogic's cloud and web-based architecture and discover a world where efficient claims management is always just a click away

User Friendly
UX/UI Design

Experience the transformative power of simplicity with RxLogic's user-friendly UX/UI design. Our platform is not only a tool but a seamless experience designed with you in mind. At RxLogic, we believe in delivering both function and form, ensuring that our technology serves your needs in the most intuitive, efficient way possible. Embrace the power of simplicity and discover a new, effortless approach to managing your business.

Not Just Software. T.R.U.E Service

RxLogic offers more than just software - we deliver T.R.U.E Service. This means we're not only providing a platform, but a complete service dedicated to redefining the administrative process of claims. Experience the transformative power of T.R.U.E Service with RxLogic. We're not just a software provider; we're your partner in efficient, secure claims management."

The Three Pillars

Products You Can Control


RxLogic has been a pleasure to work with since day one. The reliability, security, and speed of their system is second to none. They have provided hands-on support during every process whether it be implementation, training new team members, or supporting a new software upgrade. They are rising stars in our book!

Nick Opalich

CEO HospisRx

As the Owner/Operator of a PBM, time and accuracy are of the essence. RxLogic has revolutionized the way we handle prescription claims. Their platform's precision and expediency have reduced our error rates and streamlined our operations to levels we never thought possible. RxLogic is more than just a vendor; they are our trusted partner in enhancing the services we offer to our clients

Wes Hartig

Chief Executive Officer


Working with Rx Logic has been a great experience.  The system they have developed has been very easy to work with learn.  They have also had excellent response times and the overall communication has been great.  I would highly recommend.

Jonathan Yearty

EVP Phoenix Benefits Management, LLC

Our Clients



  • How did you guys build such an awesome piece of technology?
    Building a successful adjudication platform does not require tens of millions of dollars or an army of developers, it requires a small team of dedicated people all focused on creating the most advanced, transparent, usable and flexible adjudication platfrom in our industry.
  • How many claims annually do you process?
    Tens of Millions. For 2024 we anticipate having 15 million paid claims, however, our system runs many transactions that do not result in a dispensed prescriptions
  • Average up time?
    RxL has not experienced an unplanned outage in their production claims adjudication environments.
  • How many clients?
    As RxLogic was commercially launched this year, our number of clients continues to grow and we currently have over 15 clients.
  • Security?
    SOC II and HIPPA certified with a HITRUST framework.
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