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Meet the RxLogic President

"Our promise to customers is to deliver an outstanding customer experience while improving pharmacy cost-savings, benefit plan management, and trend predictability."

Todd Evans, President

RxLogic provides reliable, transparent, and flexible claims adjudication solutions to improve our customers' financial and satisfaction outcomes. RxLogic customers include Pharmacy Benefit Managers, health plans, managed care organizations, co-pay assistance administrators, third-party administrators, and employer plans.

Q. Why did you start RxLogic?

A. I wish I could say that starting RxLogic was my idea, but it wasn't. Our Board collectively believed a market need existed for a cloud-based adjudication platform that could support Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). So, that's what we built. We have a great deal of experience in this space and access to talented professionals. Judging by the interest in our company and the positive feedback – the Board was correct.

Q. What is the path you took to get where you are today as President of RxLogic?

A. I have been in healthcare in one form or another for my entire career. I started out working in employee health, benefits, and risk management with a large manufacturing company. It was self funded and had tremendous healthcare spend for medical, disability, and worker's compensation. I spent several years working on preventing, mitigating, and managing spend across all these benefit areas. These were the early days of "managed care," so I could use integrated and emerging managed care techniques that proved impactful. From there, I spent close to 10 years in physician practice management for cardiology and primary care before moving into pharmacy technology, where I have been working for the past 17 years. Working in these different sectors has given me much perspective about what it means to be a purchaser and deliverer of healthcare. And, now I understand how to apply technologies to improve the healthcare ecosystem.

Q. What is your vision for RxLogic over the next five years?

A. My vision for RxLogic is to become the "go-to" platform for PBMs that desire a SaaS solution to their technology needs. I want us to build a reputation for being a creative, innovative organization that is fanatically passionate about serving our customers.

Q. What is the "number 1" business challenge RxLogic can solve that would significantly impact the organizations you serve?

A. Business challenges are a moving target, but I would say offering a flexible and easily adaptable solution to the many unique plan designs that PBM's are offering. Systems in this space often use dated technology with architectures that limit their ability to quickly solve complex benefit design challenges. There is more, of course, but I would not want to share too much!

Q. Leading a successful company takes vision and inspiration. Where do you draw inspiration?

A. Foundationally, I believe it's from being very competitive. Sports have very much influenced my life. Athletes are driven to develop skills, train, and compete. Winning is a by-product of building a talented team, organizing the team well, planning, and executing. I am also genuinely inspired by my team and working collaboratively to exceed customer expectations and deliver on our business plan. I feed off that and never want to let anyone on the team down.

CONTACT: Todd Evans @ for additional information on the RxLogic Claims Adjudication Platform.

Todd has over 30 years of experience in various leadership roles in healthcare management and technology. His experience spans leading managed care and risk management initiatives for large employer groups, ambulatory care providers, and pharmacy technology businesses. Todd has led claims processing, switching, electronic prescribing, and PBA product teams at Allwin Data, eRx Network, Emdeon, and Change Healthcare within pharmacy technology. Most recently, he served as SVP & General Manager for Scriptcycle.

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